Monday, March 9, 2009

Tiny Kitchen

Jill Santopietro and I met years ago while working together on Simply Ming outside of Boston. Immediately I knew we would be friends. She has a very nice way about her, tells great stories, makes me laugh and is really easy to be around. 

She stalked the crew of Food 911 for a couple years when we were on the road; lived in Italy; got married and now I am happy to say found her niche, tiny as it is (in real estate only) The New York Times. 

How Jill got in front of the camera  click here

Pork and Grapes, One of her recipes that I plan on making for a simple dinner party this week, along with this Calvados cocktail from Daniel.

For inspiration, and entertainment, I look forward to many more delicious recipes, whether they be ones she tested in the NYTimes magazine or shot in her tiny kitchen. Hope you enjoy my little friend in her tiny kitchen making some grand recipes.



Amanda said...

a-ha! now it all becomes clear..