Saturday, May 29, 2010

Iris Upon A Star

Summer Smells So Sweet!
Siberian Iris
can take wet feet
plant these by a stream
for some Monet magic.
Dutch Iris Bulbs
that were mis-marked
Iris Reticulata
therefore planted in a very bizarre spot
Variegated (foliage) Iris
these blooms have a wonderful fragrance
and the foliage is a nice accent to the garden all season.
Batik Bearded Iris
(sounds like an old deadhead!)
I bought these bareroot on eBay a few years ago
first time blooming
so worth the wait!
yellow and brown iris compliment
the retina burning red peony
another eBay purchase
what a bang for the buck!
these bareroot iris
are a couple bucks a piece
I recommend buying as many as you can afford.
Plant them high
(bulb/rhizome should be partially unearthed in a full sun
well drained spot)
then sit back and wait
for the summer show to begin!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabulous Finds

I have been very busy lately
purchasing props
for a few new shows.
Above are some fabulous silver spoons with a gilt wash
that I found at a consignment shop.
Won't they be sweet
with a frozen confection?

These delectable
macarons are actually soap!
well wash my mouth out

You can purchase them
She is adorable
and so are her soaps!

Some other fabulous french finds
from Long Island.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home is Where I Want to Be

Pick Me Up and Turn Me Around

~ this is our wedding song ~

I find that when I feel challenged
just listening to it brings me back
to where I need to be.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Poppies....The Poppies....

Our Poppies are in full bloom here at Boalder Lodge
glad I captured this lovely salmon poppy
yesterday morning before the deluge ~
today it looks like wet crepe paper

and my sweet poppy...

Livin' The Dream

Home Sweet Home For Sale

Well the Three Clock Inn,
fine french restaurant,
adjacent to my property
for sale.
Think about it all you foodies,
buy the Inn,
run the restaurant.
Your best friend could buy my house
a/k/a Silver Lining Farm
5 bedroom converted barn/farmhouse
and wah la.
Instant Vermont Dream Compound.
Think about it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Let's start off this weekly trend
(we'll see how far that goes..
ahem everyday with abby j..)
with a little Italian/French combo.

Anthony Bourdain.

Ti Amo.
Je t'aime.

When I lived at Sprout Creek Farm,
one of my least favorite days ever
was painting the pig pen or Pig Palace
as they optimistically called it.
It was 150 degrees and humid.
Not a breeze in sight.
It's a miracle I still eat pork after that experience.
pee you.
These french pigs don't know
how good they've got it.
*alright, I am only assuming Anthony is part Italian...
well because of his first name.
does that make me ignorant?
Does it make for a fun colorization of his name?
Si too.

Friday, May 7, 2010

White Flower Lodge



I have always had a preference for white flowers.
Not only do they seem fresh as a daisy....
they are also tres elegant.
White blooms match any other shades in your garden.
They look fabulous with green, especially variegated foliage.
Most of the plants close to our house have white blossoms.
I love how they glow at night.
Seem almost iridescent.

this photo was taken at dinner time,
with very little natural light...
hard to really capture how they,
hate to say it,
at dusk.
This sweet double primula is starting to spread
which makes me very happy.

This clematis was one of the first things I planted here
it is intertwined with a white climbing rose called "iceberg"
that is completely trouble free.
I highly recommend this combo to cover a stone wall or fence.

they have very comprehensive online
and hard copy catalogs.
Amazing reference source!
White Flower Farm was where Jeff and I
went on our first date.
Right then and there,
amongst the peonies...,
I knew it was true love
and that there would certainly
be a white dress in my future!

These are the ferns we picked out on our first outing together.
Some divine trilliums.
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