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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Never Grow Up

Don't let them get to you.
keep laughing...
never grow so old that you take yourself too seriously.
Life is good.
Avoid the people and things that stress you out.
Embrace those who make you feel young at heart
and make you laugh.
Life is short.
Refuse to grow old.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


pilot for Kelsey's Essentials

pretty props for Dessert First with Anne Thornton

bright props for Brunch at Bobbys

From Show to Show to Show.
Some even overlapping.
This year was exceptionally busy for me as an Art Director/Prop Master.
Thankful for the work but I did miss a lot:
I missed 'home'.
Getting up at 4am returning home at 9 or 10pm
leaves little time to do much else.

I missed cooking
my own food,
and dinners for my husband.
Eating all those snacky, junk food, craft services I gained at least ten lbs.
I missed Cheddar
and his sweet, sweet smile and wags.
He got to the point where he would not even look at me when I crept out in the dark.
the cold shoulder
I missed exercising.
Have not been hiking in 6 months at least,
another reason I gained weight and Cheddar was bummed.

I missed my garden.

Which went from looking like it was a season away from a magazine spread to getting whacked and chopped like something out of a bad Vietnam War B-movie
with Robert Downy Jr.
Long Story.
I can barely talk about it but the short story is that these guys came to clean up downed trees/branches after a storm and then took it upon themselves to weed all my natives/perennials and cut everything in sight in to a disgusting lightbulb shape.
Including the dogwood trees I planted from switches the first year Jeff and I were together. They went from being 8 feet tall to...I can't really talk about it without feeling sick to my stomach.
If you have read this blog before you know how much I love my garden.

I missed entertaining.

No barn parties,
could barely get in there with all the crates and boxes of props anyway.
No dinner parties, big or small.

I missed my husband.
We did have a week away but that was with a dozen or so other people,
he was racing our boat and I was on land,
so not much one on one time.

I just want to go camping on a remote island in Maine with him for a month
to catch up and reconnect.

Know what else I really missed....
I missed my blog.
It inspires me.
I missed interacting with my cyber friends ,
see what they are up to,
inspiring me to cook something, grow something, make something.

I guess I missed home most of all.
Home, and making it sweet.
so good to be back!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creepy Antiquey

Great Antiquey Mall in Great Barrington
aptly called "Great Stuff"
they do have a lot of great stuff

here are the other things they sell:

these cookie jars are super creepy
can't imagine waking up in the middle of the night,
going in to the kitchen to get a glass of water
and running in to these... Yikes!
were they fashioned after John Wayne Gacy?!

Might have a hard time sleeping at all with these eyes on you!
Sweet Dreams Little Cookies!

Monday, September 27, 2010

VERY Early Bloomer

It's that time again...time to plant bulbs.
As I have said before I can never plant enough of these little jewels.
No matter how many I get underground in the fall,
Every spring I wish I had planted more.
My sources for bulbs remain somewhat consistent year to year.
Home Depot has a pretty reliable collection of the norm
and their prices really can't be beat.
When you are like me planting hundreds if not thousands a year
value is very important.
Just got a catalog yesterday that had a great selection
and really affordable pricing.
I'd like to share that supplier.

I am ordering from them right after this post.
I want our hillside along the driveway to be covered in thousands of crocus blooms
next spring but don't want to spend thousands getting there.

The Netherland Bulb Company's low prices will help me save a ton
creating my hillside masterpiece.

Of course you should support your local nursery.
Buy the specialty bulbs there
and try sourcing online for your bulbs for mass plantings.

Jeff and I went to Pound Ridge Nursery to buy some bulbs yesterday.
I supplement my massive amounts of crocus
from Home Depot with some specialty offerings from places like these.

I ended up bringing home a few little bags.
Pickwick .40 a pop. Ouch.
Because of the price, I have been buying just a few handfuls of these every fall
and putting them in the same general area.
I am realizing a nice little colony of them 5 years later.
Plants like this I am willing to spend a little more on.
They really are spectacular.
SO worth the extra coin.

These precious hybrids I plant near the house
or on frequently traveled springtime pathways
where I can really enjoy their special features...
that's what you are paying up for anyway.

Don't the purple stripes look painted on?

Crocus are such a wonderful harbinger of spring.
They are small bulbs so super easy to plant.
Just take a sturdy wooden spoon,
(the French make the best)
using the handle end,
poke it in the ground, about 3 or 4 inches deep.
Wiggle it around, creating a hole in the soil.
Drop the bulb in pointy
side up.
Sprinkle in a little bulb booster.
Do this over and over again,
in a random pattern.
Drop a handful of the bulbs and plant them where they lay.
This is how you get the naturalized effect.
In nature not much grows in a straight line!
Plant them:
On grassy hillsides.
In your lawn.
In between your perennials.
By your front door.
Around the trees on your sidewalk.

I stick some in between our stone wall and patio stones.
Like these above.
Those are the first to bloom,
This photo above was taken March 1st.
The radiant heat from the rock must heat the soil up that much faster.

Even if you are not a compulsive nut like me,
planting tons of bulbs,
Try a dozen or so.
It's worth the $5 investment come spring, I promise.

If you live in an apartment you can plant them in containers.
Check out info online to see how it's done.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Just planted a bunch of trees and shrubs, to replace the eight major trees we lost in a micro-burst (read tornado), these new arrivals need water!
Please, please, please do a rain dance.
We need rain!
My wellies have serious cobwebs.

Barn Raisin



Barn was power washed
to get rid of the mildew.
We thought it would age gracefully
but did not
kindof like Meg Ryan.

Needed to put a coat of primer on before
they apply the final coats/color.
I think it looks like a giant raisin right now.
Can't wait to see it when it's all black.
I'll keep you posted.

I can feel it.

We are
getting closer to
an amazing barn party!
It's been too long.

Can't wait to see
what it looks like
with movies projected on the side.

You can see the final color
on the far left hand side corner.
You like?

More Next Week

UPDATE 1/11:
Here is the barn, 
Painted with stone veneer 
on foundation.
What a transformation!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabulous French Veggie Dish

This is one of my favorites go-to recipes this year.
Vegetable Tian

Made it the other night
with some delicious
tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini and herbs
from the Farmer's Market.

Cut all your veggies the same diameter

I used some big juicy plum tomatoes
because they looked so amazing
at the market.

Saute a TON of onions until translucent.
I think I used three yellow and one vidalia.
Try and keep your husband from eating said onions.
Add a couple chopped garlic cloves the last few minutes.
Saute some more.
Layer in the bottom of a buttered dish.
Round, Square, whatever you have.
This one is a little bigger than the average glass pyrex pie dish.

In single layers
shingle your veggies
over the onion mixture.

Keep going until you can't go anymore.
In a square dish the layers seem to be more upright,
maybe that is just me.
I made this dish this summer for a crowd,
quadrupled the recipe using a broiling pan
for the baking dish.

Make plenty.
Great as a leftover too.
More ideas about that later.

You can find Ina's recipe
from Barefoot in Paris
(if you don't have this cookbook you should)
add some extra grated gruyere
I ask you...
what isn't better
grated gruyere?

I put a zucchini heart on top,
Have been working so much these past few months
My husband has not had any home cooked meals.
this is a little extra love for him.
Wouldn't this make a great side for Thanksgiving?
Of course I put on about ten times the amount of gruyere but you could lighten it up for a side dish... just follow the recipe

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