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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank you

For Love
The greatest gift of all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Only have my iPad so the photos will have to wait until we get home.
This thanksgiving I love spending time with family, enjoying the 9 things I am most thankful for.
Dogs, food, charity, faith, friends, flowers, good health, family and my love.
All highlighted in my last 9 posts. The nine days of thanksgiving.

I love love.
Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings to all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two days 'till Thanksgiving

and what says Thanksgiving more than even food itself?


I love my family.
Jenkins/Rice men the next generation
watch out all you ladies out there

new family members
fit seamlessly into the fabric
of our lives

"Head" of the Family
and when I say head I mean it
Always there.
Fricken hilarious.

can you see the family resemblance




With 30 or so nieces and nephews life is never dull.

family members who have passed on
still strong in spirit

adoptive family members

Chosen for me 

close as could be

ever growing clan  

and what is better than

new family members?

Embrace your family.
Enlarge your family.
Celebrate your family!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Countdown Continues....

....for my Nine Days of Thanks GIVING.

Today, on the third day, I am so thankful that I can give back.

I'd like to encourage you all to embrace the act of


"There is always someone less fortunate" 
was my mother's mantra.

As the youngest of six kids growing up in one of the wealthiest towns in the never really occurred to me that we were the 'less fortunate' to most of the citizens of Greenwich.
I certainly didn't feel like we were missing out on much.
We always had plenty to eat at our dinners together every night.
There was always laughter and love in our home.
We had access to the greatest library in the country.
We had wonderful vacations and adventures.
We had the kind of unconditional encouragement and support that is priceless.
We had the gift of time from our parents. Something many of my more 'fortunate' friends did not.

And always the sense
 that there were those less fortunate
that we could help.


1: benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity

2 : generosity and helpfulness especially toward the 

needy or suffering; 

also : aid given to those in need

Richard Branson gives back,
 and not just because he can,
because he knows how good it feels.


1. disposition to do good
2. an act of kindness

I am in different financial situation now, 
meaning more to give.
 It is better to give than to receive.
Tonight I will be going to the annual Operation Santa party,
where they give out letters to Santa written by kids at a school in the Bronx.
A school unlike anything you and I know.
The principal said that he would not risk the mandatory fire drills for fear of his kids getting shot in a drive-by.
These kids have NOTHING. 
When I say nothing I mean nothing. 

One mother of three literally came over on a boat with just the clothes on her back.

Operation Santa has helped her kids get much needed coats, hats and boots. 

Operation Santa has helped me too.

I am involved with Operation Santa for the third year in a row.

I started out with three kids the first year.
Two brothers and a sister that lived in a shelter.

Last year I personally bought for 9 and asked my husband's company to donate some cash so I could buy for 20 or so more, I wanted to cover a whole classroom.  We did.
Jeff's whole office came over and helped wrap the loot. 
The barn really looked like Santa's workshop.
I found myself waking up early, like a little kid,
going out to the barn and just staring at the mountains of stuffed animals, boots and bikes...smiling.
Santa's ark.
Being involved with Operation Santa
has become my favorite part of the Holidays.

Tonight I'll pick up a couple dozen letters.

You could always come over and help wrap!

What will you do to give back this year?

Maybe instead of buying someone another cashmere scarf,
you can donate some good in their name?

that will really warm the soul

Quench a thirst.

Just by clicking you can give. 1.1 cups of food a day, just by clicking.


what to do with all those leftover skeins of yarn?

Buy some beautiful silver bracelets and give hope too.

Plants some seeds of love

Donate a quilt square, or an organ!

You can also clean out your pantry and give to a local food bank,
Clean out your coat closet and bring to a homeless shelter,
Go through your linen closet and give some blankets, sheets and towels to a
battered women's shelter.

Ask your guests to bring something...
a toy, a can of food, some gloves....
 to your party instead of a hostess gift.
We did this at our last Christmas party and I brought two car loads of coats, scarves, hats to the 
Homeless Men's Shelter!

Next time you make soup, lasagna, etc.. make double and give to your neighbor.

Doesn't matter what you give: money, items or your time. 
Just Give.


Count Your Blessings

Sunday, November 21, 2010

On the Fourth Day of Thanks Giving....

Being a Sunday and All,
I'd like to celebrate


Faith in miracles.
Faith that you are at the right place
at the right time.
Faith in Mankind

Faith that people are generally decent.

Faith that things are not always
 what they appear to be. 

Faith that things change, 

for the better.

Faith that when our ship sails,

 at the end of the road,

There will be another path to take.

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