Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was craving something sweet yesterday, 
with a recipe that would not
take me out of the garden for too long.

Here is an adaption of one of my favorite cookie recipes ever.

Tyler Florence made this for Bon Appetit 
years ago, 
you can get the recipe by clicking here.

I did not have macadamias so I used walnuts.

this is where my husband came in
and proudly announced 
that he ripped up part of my woodland garden
 to install an enormous cement planter.

Chew a couple aspirin, 
take a deep breath,
count to ten and 
 back to the cookies.

I did not take anymore process shots but you get the idea.

these cookies are delicious

I especially like the tartness of the cranberries
with the sweetness of the white chocolate

I like to undercooked some
for a slightly chewy center

and overcooked a tray for a real crispy crunch,
reminiscent of a biscotti.

Wish you were here
to share one with me over a 
chilly glass of milk.

Now back to the White Flower Farm catalog...


Callie Grayson said...

those cookies do look good!
sorry to hear about you woodland garden section, hope you can salvage the garden.
no cookies for him!

SuperAngel said...
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LilTanGurl said...

omnomnomnom! wish I was there to eat some too... =)

Purple Flowers said...

I love me a yummy homemade cookie, especially the kind that is sweet and tart.
Maybe your husband is going to install a water urn for you. That would be beautiful!
Enjoy your catalog; I just finished looking through mine yesterday. I've noticed we have alot in common.

quintessence said...

Yum! And your photos are lovely as well. My daughter is home from school and I showed her your post because she loves to bake. She said her school makes a version of these with blueberries also - and they call them red, white and blue cookies.

Wyatt said...

Mmmm cookies and the White Flower Farm catalog...great day!!

Wyatt's Mom

Willoughby said...

I'm so jealous that you're able to work in your garden! Ours is still under several inches of snow. This is supposed to be a snow-free, fairly warm week, so fingers crossed....

The cookies look delicious!

Candace said...

Your cookies look ah-mazing! You've made me hungry. I love your photos. Great shots! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me and commenting. I know you must be looking forward to summer as much as I am. It's my first summer in New Hampshire and holds so much promise! I'm going to find something to eat and look around your blog some more. It's lovely here! Have a great day, Candace

Stitchfork said...

in dire need of a cookie right now....
xo Cathy

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